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i played soccer in spanish

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I played soccer was in 2010 -> I haven ...

Hoàn chỉnh câu thứ hai sao cho không thay đổi nghĩa so với câu thứ nhất. The last time I played soccer was in 2010.

I play water polo in Spanish? - Answers

Water Polo in Spanish is: polo acuático. Yo juego al polo acuático.

I/play/soccer/in 2008 ...

Viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh: 1, the last time/I/play/soccer/in 2008 2, room/not/dirty/so/they/not need/clean 3, unless/

I / play / soccer / in 2008 - Tự Học ...

The last time I played football was in 2008. ... The last time I had played football was in 2008.

in brackets. 1. ...

Put the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1. Nam often ( play

in brackets: 1. She enjoys ...

Lunch at school - Supply the correct form for the verbs in brackets,She enjoys (play)

Played Soccer and Almost Went Big with It | Cleats

Some act, some played other sports, one was even a chef, but all of them are celebrities who played soccer.